Friday, September 18, 2009

Thanks to Cilic

In all fairness I have to say thanks to Cilic for bringing Murray down in the USO [I am not a Murray basher], then why I am happy? simple answer if Murray would have made QF, DP then would have had to beat the world no.2,3,1 in a row to win the title, and I am not sure it ever happened in tennis history where a seeded player beat top3 in a row to win the title.

Not only Murray being Boogey Man to DP's game, it would have taken hell lot out of DP mentally as well as physically to win Murray ,Rafa and Federer in a row.

But those who didnt see Cilic vs. DP' QF match missed some superb tennis from cilic's racket. In the first 1 1/2 set Cilic made DP look like a mere ball boy, and I for once worried whether DP will get past him, thanks to Cilic again for doubting himself in the mid of 2nd set once DP's groundstrokes came into play.

Cilic certainly looked a better talent out of two in the first set with plenty of variety and matching groundstrokes, but he was no comparison to DP' mental strength and had to bow, so its time Cilic ,for you to work on this aspect, and who knows we might have two 6'6 towers at the top2 slot in the future.

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