Wednesday, September 16, 2009

ArGaintine Firey Form

Several Del Potro fans including me having been saying this all summer "Please do not count Del Boy out", but yet his bashers were so rude to him before Rafa match and called him a chocker and some of them even thought its an easy ride for Rafa, but guess what this guy has in him to beat any player when on song, and two matches in a row was just plain evidence of his potential.

Inspite of being Del Potro fan, I myself never expected him to win the title after the 3rd set, I for once thought Roger will pull it off with his experience, but the Gentle Giant never gave up and guess what started to hit Mad Angle Winners from all parts of court.

It Indeed made Fed panic of what to do, since he would have been well aware of what happend to Rafa on the previous match who is one of the best baseliner, these kinda indecisions on what to do than thinking what he did on 1st two sets costed the match,ofcourse not to forget the Fiery passing bullet ground strokes from the Gaint.

I started to feel sorry for Federer because nobody can handle those groundstrokes and DP's movement on 4th set was shocking good.

The Key moment came When Roger lost his cool when one of his Ace was turned down on 2nd set when DP complained that he was not ready, and that made Roger a bit angry and the downfall started which otherwise could have been a straight set win for Roger. Roger then made two double faults and Potty struck a wonderfull forehand down the line passing shot the get the break back, from there on Potty was a different monster.

To conclude this win just shows how difficult it is to win a slam and Roger deserve all his accolades for the 15 titles he have, but today is the birth of new Superstar who is fearless to say the least in handling big players on big matches.

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