Thursday, September 10, 2009

An oppurtunity to become World no.2,Nole

I just noticed an interesting thing which could happen considering Rafa's tough first round and Murray's tough draw.

Ok let me come to the point I am trying to stress, if Rafa crash out of USO in the 1st round [faces Gasquet in 1st round] and if Murray crash out of USO before quarters [Likely opponent DP on Quarters] and if Novak wins US open 2009 he will be the new no.2.

Yea its almost close to miracle to see all possibilities go his way, but will Noval capitalise if both Murray and Rafa crash out early? I still doubt he will.

This is why Murray's achivement of being no.2 in the world should be appreciated, he got a small opening when Rafa withdrew from Wimby and he made sure he grab it with both hands.

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