Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hawkeye and Umpiring standards.

I rarely comment on the tennis board too much wumming goes on. However I was wondering if people feel that the advent of hawkeye has caused a drop in umpiring and line call standards and if the knock on effect of this is players losing confidence in the officials.

I question how acurate hawkeye actually is especially after the USO as the commentors there seemed to know that it was not that acurate. Is the technology used the same the world over or does it differ from tournament to tournament.

Too often I have seen it used in a tactical way to upset a player or to allow the challenger to regroup. Surely this is gamesmanship.

I would like to see higher standards of officials especially umpires who are assertive enough to enforce the laws.

I dislike hawkeye in cricket and I dislike it in Tennis as I feel ultimately it underminds the officials.

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