Saturday, September 19, 2009

Roger Federer way better than Pete Sampras

Why Roger Federer is the best of all time or why he is called the GOAT
Lets discuss
1]16 Grandslams and counting
2]An all court and all surface player
3]237 consecutive weeks as no.1 [285 total weeks*]
4]Won 2 GS for 5 consecutive years [US Open 2004-2008* and Wimbledon -2003-2007]
5]Only the 3rd man in Open era to win all 4 slams
6]23 consecutive semifinals *
7]22 Grandslam finals *
8]World No.1 ranked player for a full period of 3 years [2005,2005 and 2007]
9]All Legends of Tennis games,media and fans accept it. *
10]Laureus World Sportsman of the Year for four consecutive years (2005–08)
11]Most complete allround player of all time
1]Poor h2h against No.2 player Rafa of his generation [even-though most losses came only on clay courts]
Lets Discuss Pete Sampras
1]14 GrandSlam wins
2]7 Wimbledon wins
3]World No. 1 by the ATP for a record 286 weeks.
4]World No.1 for 6 consequtive year end.
1]Losing to Jack and Jill players of claycourts in Clay tournaments
2]Never Managed to Make french-open Final let alone win it
3]One dimensional player who relied heavily on his serve to win on fast surface, but found wanted on slower surface often by ordinary players
4]Negative H2h record even agains players like who never was ranked better than top 35 at their peak ,Paul Harruis, L Peas, etc,.
5]Didnt have a great record on Australian Open either , and was thrashed by Many Champions.
So final analysis
Roger Federer holds 11 plus and 1 negatives = 10 Points, in comparision Sampras holds 4 plus and 5 negatives = -1.
Lets also remember Roger Federer lead Pete Sampras h2h by 1-0.
Thats the time Roger a teenager won a Defending Wimbledon Champion in Sampras in his best surface, shows clearly how far Roger is a better player than Sampras.
Lets hail the Best Tennis Player of all time - Roger Federer , rightly declared as GOAT.

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