Saturday, September 19, 2009

Del Potro Bashed Bashed and Bashed

Till the week before USO started, most die hard fans of the respective heros kept bashing DP from all corners claiming the following things

1]He cannot beat a Top 4 player
2]He is too tall to win a slam
3]He cant wear sleeve less, he looks Ugly [as if only one player is allowed to wear sleeve less]
4]Del Potro is a chocker
5]Del Potro is a Federer worshiper
6]Del Potro is a Mug
7]Talentless clown
8]Just a ball basher
9]Doesnt have a weapon

Strangely after his USO win they have change their thoughts, and started to jump to DP bandwagon, while its good to have a bigger bandwagon, its pity that players are appreciated only when then win and not when the lose after a hard fought loss.

If you ask me DP played better on FO against Fed, only to tire out in the end to lose to the champion, but still some claimed him as a chocker. The same player till the fortnight before finals was branded as a chocker, isint that ridiculous?

To be frank a true tennis fan would have spot the talent on DP a long time back atleast by the start of this year.

Winning is not everything its the only thing. so respect the players rather than bashing them or calling them as chockers, a critic is fine but bashing not.

Last but not least I wont be surprised if Soderling is hailed as a hero next year by the same guys who called him chockerling till now.

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