Thursday, September 10, 2009

Del Potro have tools to crack Rafa Code

I heard an interesting commentary during Cincy masters on how effective Rafa's serve is to right handers on most surfaces.

Rafa's Lefty spin with wide angle generates enormous bounce and angle that troubles right handers to a great extreme, yes he doesn't have a service that could produce ace after ace but its one of the most consistent first serve as well second serve in the circuit.

DP is tall enough to handle those high bounces Rafa could generate with his serve, this gives an edge for DP to handle Rafa's serve compared to the other top 5 players in ATP rankings.

In return DP's serve is good enough to keep on him on track even though not big enough like other tall guys lik Karlovic , Isner or Querry.

So DP is up on this issue

Then comes the rally

This will be an interesting contest, long rallies against Big Groundstrokes, so it could boil down to consistency from DP and form of Rafa to decide the winner.

Where Rafa could pound the Gentle giant is by Dropping short [Dropping short with Drop shot]time and again like Murray does.

One thing is clear if DP improves his consistency and beats one of the top3 in a slam he will take the confidence from it to become a bigger force in coming years.

I hope DP exhibits his fullest of talent come US open Semi against Rafa.

Go Del Potro Go

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