Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Del Potro to dominate the slams in 2010?

Let's excuse his form post US Open. I think that's understandable. He achieved his immediate goal - to win a slam. I think he was bound to drop off a bit after that.

Into the New Year, refreshed, I think Potty can show again the form which briefly allowed him to dominate every player on the Tour.

He has the power. He has the technique. I think he has a fantastic all court game. Unlike every other player, I don't see a weakness. But I surely do see some scary weapons - in particular that serve (which will only get better) and the forehand. His physique, which might have been slighlty suspect, seems to be rapidly improving. And his mental strength, which again some might have questioned, was surely shown to be up there with the best of them at the US Open.

He will come into the 2010 season brimming with confidence and a game to threaten them all. I can see him winning 2 slams this year. Could be any of them, although Wimbledon may be out of reach.

Year of the Potty?
credit -Sealpuppy - bbc.co.uk/dna/606/A61067919
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