Tuesday, December 8, 2009

2010 slams a Record Point for Roger Federer

Fed will surely love to hold 8 Wimby and 1 FO compared to 2 FO and 7 Wimby, and to add those it could have been 9 continious if a little luck woudl have favoured him on 2008 Wimby, which everybody will gloat if Fed go on to win 8 Wimby, so yea in all terms Wimby comes first.

On the other hand Fed will to defend FO at all cost,as long as he is fit and in form I dont find a reason for him not to win the Wimdy- FO combination again.

Anycase All GS are important for Fed in 2010 why?

1]If he win AO he becomes the joint leader in Open Era to win the AO maximum number of times [4 Tied with Agassi]

2]Would love to win FO- the only he hasn't defended yet.

3]Wimbledon win would put on him on par with Samprason Grass [7th title]

4]USO win would put him at the top of the chart with 6 wins in Open era.

#Outside USO win means, he would be the first man since Rod Laver to win a calander slam [if the other three are won].

So yes all slams are important.

Every slam is important for Fed, here are the reasons for it.

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