Friday, November 27, 2009

Writing off Rafael Nadal is absolute crazy

Writing off Nadal is absolutely crazy. History tells us that every top sportsman goes through difficult times. Last year Federer was being written off by many, who thought he would never win another slam. We all know what happened. Djokovic had a dreadful time for the first half of this year, and all of a sudden he was being touted as a one slam wonder. Again, he has reinvigorated himself, and although he hasn't won another slam, is set up well for 2010. Even Rafa himself, endured a torrid spell for a period, prior to landing a RG and Wimbledon double.*MQNjU6rfs9y6iNaEJpTC4W-nVBhB4ZjMFnyItKPS-I6Gs0vB8IprVmJfe-uATeI8UjBlWgQM/ten_a_nadal01_580.jpg

In spite of all this evidence to the contrary, I am surprised to see how many people, particularly on this board, are quick to write Rafa's tennis obituary, with the vast majority almost gleeful in tone, at his perceived demise.

Whilst I am not a massive Nadal fan, I just can't get my head around why people would act this way. He has been nothing but gracious and charming all week, in spite of his poor performances, and really deserves a lot more respect for his achievements than he is getting right now.

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  1. Thank for saying what needed to be said! Rafa is a fabulous player and is just going through a slump - to prove he is human after all....given the god like way he had demolished everyone in his path, it was only natural for him to lose sometime.

    That said, I can't wait for him to return to his winning ways as there is only one Rafa and he is the best!