Sunday, January 31, 2010

How many more for Roger Federer?, after the US Open final, I predicted Fed might never win another slam - so much for that! I am redeemed a little bit, though, by having predicted he'd get one or two more at most, and I'll tentatively stick with that for the moment - the competition is still great, and his occasional inconsistency (as in the Davydenko match) is bound to start biting him soon. On the other hand, he proved today that he still has the world-beating game when he feels like it, so anything is possible!

So, I'll repetitively predict he'll get one, maybe two more slams at best, most likely at Wimbledon - the competition is strongest on the hardcourts, and his chances at Roland Garros depend very much on how Nadal and Del Potro fare. What does everyone else think?

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