Thursday, October 29, 2009

Agassi and Gasquet treated differently?

Well for most who didnt read my previous article on Agassi's confession, where I brought the news of the day, some body have reported it for no reason apart from being a die hard Agassi fan.

My point was straight forward Gasquet was made to repent for his mistake with a ban from tennis for few months, while Agassi was clever enough to tackle the questions raised on him by the ATP doctors once they have found him tested positive.

So its clear one not only has to be a good player but have to be a clever player to tackle the situations, if only Agassi would not have been clever nor a big name he would have faced the similar situation of Gasquet, but the thing is Agassi was smart to escape from the penalty in-spite of fooling ATP doctors, Agassi himself have confessed that not me, for thos who need proof of his statement pls go-trough top stories of today in yahoo.

Eventhough we can appreciate Agassi come forward with truth atleast now, ATP should make a lesson of it so no such things happen in the future.

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