Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Federer confirms Monte Carlo 2014, enters as Wild Card

Not sure whats the reason behind Federer sudden acceptance as wild card in Monte Carlo, a tournament he traditionally skipped after being a losing finalist on 3 attempts to GOD of clay on his prime years.

Like I suspected that Nadal is not in the right frame of mind and looks mentally tired to defend all his clay points once again, Roger's team might have sensed it too and trying to make

There is also a word of mouth that Mirka is expecting another kid around July and hence he might skip some tournament like Rogers masters in Toronto [what a shame I get not to see him again ] so decided to play more right now.

Another common sentiment among RF fans is that he is in a good nick and wants to capitalize on it so that he is a top 4 for FO and Wimbledon.

Whatever be the reason, RF in Monte Carlo is an awesome news, and I want him to be drawn on Rafa's half to see the most famous greatest yet one sided rivalry.

Last but not least I am predicting him to win the tournament

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