Saturday, August 31, 2013

Jack Sock the next big super star American Tennis Looking for

Jack Sock - Tennis Grandslam blogspot
Mr.Show time silently pushed himself to the 3rd round once again, he did that last year as well, and this year in my view he had a very good FO and was very unfortunate to have met Tommy Haas in the 2nd round whom he pushed to a 4 set.

Sock is more deadly in USO considering his huge fan base among the natives, we Canadians support him as well, he did get a huge round of reception on and before his match against Raonic which says the story.
Sock like Nalby is a way too huge for his height, he is just 6'1 a perfect height to play the tennis [Federer, Sampras and Nadal all being 6'1 proves it] but he looks bigger than that due to his heavy body frame, this is one aspect in my view preventing him from honing his skills further, his game perfectly mocks the yesteryear legend Jim Courier, may its time Sock to step it up from youngsters count in the USO.

He next faces a very tricky challenge in Tipsarevic, given Tipsy form a upset is more than possible and it could be in st.sets as well, but if Tipsy steps it up he might be too much for Sock, but I hope Sock step it up and make a good match out of it.

Boy Oh boy, those who missing this match is missing something special, Sock's forehand is next only to Del Po in terms of power and next only to Fed in terms of Skill and Next only to Rafa in terms of Precision.
Sock rules, leading 3-2 with a break in the 1st set. Lemme apologize if I haven't spoke much about his down the line backhand its as crispier as his forehand, something we miss on tour barring few players like Djoko and Murray.

Sock the way to go. I will talk about his serve and returns next, right now Sock leads 4-2 in the first set, and mind you he is playing a very good opponent in Tipsaravic.

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