Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Myth of Djokovic's Gluten Free Diet

Gluten free Diet got its heroic status once Djokovic started his unbeaten run in 2011, fans all over the world claimed Gluten-free as Nole spinach to success, but how exactly did Gluten Free diet helped him out? and would it have worked wonders for every player to try it? I personally doubt it.

Novak Djokovic was rattled by Andy Roddick's injury taunts ahead of quarter-final meet.
I met my friend who graduated from University of Toronto [a Medical student] to discuss about this gluten free diet myth and see how successful this forumula could be on me, but to my surprise my friend laughed at me, he said firstly I am vegetarian and secondly Gluten is very good for health as the contain essential protein and vitamin blocks necessary for the body, and gluten diet is inbred in most vegetarian diets, so he questioned me why should I consider this formula of gluten free when gluten is actually good for my body. However he put an argument citing Celiac disease, gluten free would help all those who have this danger associated with the body but outside that gluten he confirmed helps body to perform at its best as it acts as energy cells.

So how exactly Gluten free diet helped Djokovic? we all know he suffered with some respiratory issues early on his career, but I don't think that's anywhere related to Celiac disease, so how exactly it helped Djokovic enhance his performance, is this just a myth that the gluten free diet played a big role in improvement of Djokovic's performance? or did Nole's team used it as a secret technique to divert media and fans attention on something which didn't need much attention and hence his secret to sudden rise still remain mystery? or did it really played a pivotol role in enhancing Nole's performance if so do anybody have a clue how it played its part?

I personally think Nole's team was smart enough to divert the attention on gluten-free diet and hence his sudden metoric rise secret still remain as secret and hence he could use it as an advantage till the myth is out.

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