Friday, July 16, 2010

Nothing to lose attitude - Federer will bounce back even stronger

People have written off champions in the past, so its no big issue they write Federer off and I am not going to discuss that but something more interesting to look for.

Federer all his prime years kept winning slams like there is no tomorrow , and the monster of pressure grew heavily onhis back that anything less than a title is deemed as failure, I still can't figure when another champion had to face this kinda pressure, even Sampras at his prime was not expected to win everything, this is the pressure Federer has to face during his prime years.

Nearing 30, he won a Slam and made two QF, but barring the slam win the other two results are deemed as terrible failure for Fed, I understand Fed's level was so high but that graph has to fall some day to rise back again.

Actually these failures are good for Federer, since he has lost all his precious title he won last year, I don't expect him to win USO 2010 either, but do that mean there will be more pressure on Fed?

Answer would be no, Fed would come back 2011 with nothing to lose attitude and every thing is a win-win situation for him.

Nadal is a great warrior, and everybody do agree he is a mental beast, but how will he cope-up of defending the titles next year, after all he was found wanting physically and mentally in 2009 after a super-success year in 2008, its a tough road ahead for Nadal to stamp a legacy on his own specially all the media focus will be on him more than any player.

2011 could easily be the toughest year for Rafa and hope so his bashers do jump on him if there is a failure, since its easy to win when you have nothing to lose and easy to lose when you have everything to win. Given that there could be a blessing in disguise for Rafa in 2012 since he would come back even stronger with the same attitude.

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