Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Increase 250's and reduce mandatory 500's

http://comp.uark.edu/~tennis/tennis%20balls.jpgATP says it want to make it a Global sport and popularize it all over the world, but seriously Tennis is still American Dominated sport, how man masters,500's,250's and a Slam is played in USA? should they not spread the numbers to other countries who are willing to host more 250's?

Many countries would love to host a Tennis tournament if top players like Federer ,Nadal or Murray take part in it, so wont it be a wise idea to increase the amount of mandatory 250's to 4 and reduce masters and 500's a little bit?

It might look silly to reduce the mandatory masters but if the sport has to go everywhere in the world they either have to be rotated round the countries or the numbers should be reduced to let the top players focus on other smaller tournaments.

The Fact is Federer or Nadal can still pull a huge amount of crowd to the stadium even if they dont play each other, people in Asia, Africa, South America would be more than happy to see one of these icons play there.

So my thinking let the top players square off in Slams and few masters and rest of the season they could choose some smaller tournaments all over the world and play them. In this scenario players will play more smaller tournaments where they are likely to win and most importantly get the ranking points up.

Players will again be less injury prone as they wont be stretched a lot in smaller tournaments , and these tournaments can substitute their training duration. Murray did say about this, he preferred a tournament rather than heavy training in the off-season or in-between tournaments.

Negatives -

Quantity will be increased and Quality will be decreased [ a bit like WTA] but unless the sport is spread all over the world , we cannot expect starts from other countries to shine in the American- Europe Dominated sport.

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