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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Andy Murray will cling on to No.1 ranking in 2013

I can understand the title is kinda confusing and strange, but my funny feeling says Murray will become number 1 sooner or later in 2013.Murray is slowly getting used to failures and thats actually making him stronger than weaker a bit like his coach Lendl itself.

As expected Federer will have one last big run before he retires, its difficult to see him repeat 2012 in 2013 even if he wins few slams here and there, that makes the other 3 fight for the pride again. Rafa for some reason looked knackered to me except for the FO, Djoko looks like a spend force already and Murray is the only one I see as improved his game from 2011.

So the interesting question is, if Murray makes no.1 do you guys think he will hold on to it longer than the other 2 [Nadal/Djoko] did? or will he last the similar amount of time like he lasted in No.2? Slams might be a bit tougher for Murray, but like we saw this year Federer achived no.1 more with success in masters and 500's than too many slam wins, which Murray can certainly do it. Four-Five masters win coupled with 4 semi-finals in slams will give him close to 8k points and wins in 500's and 250's and WTF can help him rack up points close to 10k and if the other 3 battle slams in proportional manner, Murray can easily get to no.1

I think if and when Murray makes the top spot he will cling on to it longer than expected of him, just for the reason he knows how difficult it was to get there and he won't hence goof it up easily. I see Murray handling pressure of expectation better than the other 2 [Rafa/Djoko], I tip Murray to take the no.1 with a Slam title [like Fed did] next year ,USO will be the likely case.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Youngsters to look For

1]Christian Harrison -
Just watched his match with Jamie Baker in challanger Binghampton, lost a close 3set match, but should have closed it out in st.sets really when he was serving 5-4 for the 1st set.

Good attacking tennis player, need to improve on his temper, if he does work on this aspect then yes he could be a future top 25 for sure.

2]Jack Sock [USA] - Aged 19 got some big serves to back with heavy forehand. Got a very strong mentality showed no signs of nerves on Tiebreakers.
Lost to Favio Cipiolla after a great run in last two challenger tournaments.

3]Gianluigi Quinzi - Added after review by JM, Lemme add him to my watch list.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Roger Federer vs. Andy Murray Wimbledon 2012 preview

Federer v Murray

Federer, age 30, #3
Murray, age 25, #4

H2H 7-8
Last meeting: Dubai 2012, Federer won 7-5, 6-4
Have never met on grass.

I find that last stat most telling... Murray, like Djokovic, is going to taste Federer on grass. And it is a whole new level. I do not believe Murray has the bottle or the variety or the attacking mindset to win. The huge expectations on his shoulder and against Federer will likely prove too much. I think he has been exceedingly lucky his last 2 matches to pull through, but he is going to need his A game and hope Federer comes with his C game. Both will be up for this match like never before. Murray aiming for the grandest of slams, and his first slam. Federer, aiming to break records and make history. Federer showed against Djokovic why he is the greatest player of all time on grass; at almost 31 years old he is still competing and setting a benchmark. Murray's defensive game is likely to come up short against Federer. Federer to win this in 4 sets.

Djokovic says that Roger Federer's return to World No. 1 will be well deserved

Novak Djokovic says that Roger Federer's return to World No. 1 will be well deserved if it happens. The Swiss will usurp the top spot from Djokovic in the South African Airways ATP Rankings if he wins a seventh Wimbledon title Sunday.

“If he wins and becomes No. 1, it's going to be well deserved,” Djokovic said. “He's played fantastic this year. He's been so consistent. If he wins, he wins. There's nothing I can do about it. The best player will win this tournament. I'm out.

I guess this speaks volume of how well players conduct themselves off and on the court these days, players have great respect for each other and understands this is just a game and not war.